Significant Milestones


Past & Present


Architecture •    Worked on 21on-going projects
•    5 projects in tender/competition process
•    Paper presentations of key staff on architecture and the environment
•    Involved in the  review of Kigali Trade Zone project
•    Plan to apply for East Africa license
Consulting &
Project Management 
•    Consulted widely with Government of Rwanda
•    Managed several projects
•    Managed many other things
•    Involved in the drafting of the Rwanda Building and Regulation Code
•    Hire more staff
Planning & Engineering •    Contracted to design road project
•    Other contracts forthcoming
Valuation  •    Provided valuation services for BCR, KCB, and individual clients
•    Involved in the asset valuation and codification for  RTDA, Government of Rwanda-Nothern Province, and Rwandair in East and South Africa
Environment & Interior Design •    Awarded a contract to design an environmentally sound system for the company
•    Won tender for the project
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